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Related article: will in the future be inc^reased by the further abstraction of pure Purchase Celecoxib water for supply to towns and villages in the watershed. The effect of this pollution being to decrease to an alarming extent the natural reproduction by choking the ova when de- posited, it is obvious that some plan must be adopted to supple- ment this deficiency. There is grave danger Buy Cheap Celecoxib of the evidence on igoa] THE SALMON QUESTION. 85 this most important branch of the question being overlooked, and yet in the opinion of many ex- perts no scheme devised without due consideration of the best modem means of introducing new stock can be deemed a satisfactory solution of the problem. In one of the annual reports of the United States Fishery Com- mission for the State of New York it is stated that in consequence of abnormally low water during the winter it was deemed necessary in a Canadian river to remove from the redds the eggs deposited by the salmon and hatch them out artificially. This Celecoxib 100 report adds, that a careful count of these eggs revealed the fact that only two per cent, were fertilised. Doubts have been expressed over here as to the accuracy of this statement, and practical fishermen have from time to time estimated the per- centage of fertilised eggs in a state of nature at from ten to twenty-five. Granting for the sake of argument that the maxi- mum estimate is a fair one, and making no deduction for the number which from various Celecoxib Capsule causes do not hatch out on the redds, and seeing that in a modern hatchery certainly not less than ninety per cent, of the eggs pro- duce alevins, the distinct economy of artificial propagation seems to be conclusively established. Salmon Buy Celecoxib fry have been turned into various rivers of the United Kingdom, being taken from the hatcheries just before they com- mence feeding, and it is here that the greatest mistake has been made. The heaviest death-rate prevails among the Buy Celecoxib Online young Salmon- idae when the alevins having absorbed the nutriment contained in the yolk-sac require food from outside sources. The piscicultu- rists* staff is at this period chiefly employed in providing finely minced food which is given to the fry mai^y times during the day, and the least negligence is only too Purchase Celecoxib Online likely to prove fatal to the future prospects of the venture. Among the fry in the river only the strongest survive, and even they are so helpless as to fall an easy prey to the ravages of other fish, birds, crustaceans, larvae of water-bred insects — in fact, to any living things present in^the water. When the fry have once com- menced feeding freely the rest is easy sailing. More space in the troughs is given to them as they grow, and later Generic Celecoxib on they are re- moved into streams or ponds Celecoxib Cost amply supplied from springs. They are watched and fed until they have Celecoxib Price arrived it the stage when they may be safely trusted to shift for themselves in the river. The above is briefly the plan adopted by the modern trout breeder, and wherever in a suit- able stream his advice of stocking with yearlings, two-year-olds and even larger nsh has been followed the results have been almost invariably satisfactory. The stock arguments adduced against following a similar plan with the salmon are not very cogent. It is said with truth that we are supremely ignorant of the life history of the migratory Salmonidae from the time of their dropping down to the sea in the smolt stage until they return to the river in the grilse stage for the purposes of reproduction. It is also said that the treatment which suits young trout may not be equally successfiil with young salmon. As a cHnching argument we are reminded that there is little or no evidence that the adult salmon returns to the same river in which it was bred. What does all this amount to ? Simply a desire to shelve the question. Scientific research will 86 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [August some day reveal to us the habits and habitat of the salmon in the sea, and meanwhile it does not seem a wise policy to risk the ex- tinction of the salmon as a British fish. As salmon up to the smolt stage live Celecoxib Buy in the same character of water in the same rivers as the young trout it would certainly seem probable that they would require similar food and similar surroundings. Whether the smolts after descending Order Celecoxib Online a particular river to the sea return to that or some other neighbouring river is not very material. It may fairly be argued from analogy that given in an estuary a number of rivers of Order Celecoxib which some are more suitable for salmon that others, the great- est number will frequent the most suitable rivers. This argument only goes to show that the ques- tion is not purely a local one, and had better be treated from a national point of view. It is above all to be hoped that the report of the Commission will deal with this branch of the sub- ject exhaustively. The alarming decrease of salmon in our rivers is only too clearly demonstrated. The introduction of fresh stock is shown to be necessary to restore the rivers to anything like their pristine condi- tion. Artificial propagation, keep- ing the young salmon in streams or ponds and feeding them Celecoxib Online until they arrive at the smolt stage is suggested here as at once the most efficacious and economical form of stocking. Up to the present time, owing to the Cheap Celecoxib diffi- culties of marking the yoimg fish so as to identify them at the grilse stage, it has not been demon- strated that the salmon returns from the sea to the river in which it was bred, and for this reason it is urged that the attempt should not be made. Surely a step towards the solu- tion of the problem should be the establishment of hatcheries and the necessary ponds for growing the fry up to the smolt stage on certain selected rivers. As, how-